Indecent Proposal Lights Up the Airwaves with “Albright”

Indecent Proposal brings a high energy single to the table and it’s simply “Albright”. The four-piece band from Duluth, Minnesota stands by the group’s motto to “be yourself, and be indecent”. The whole purpose behind Indecent Proposal is to provide music that has no restrictions while connecting people on a higher level. On the band’s website, it clearly states that “Indecent Proposal is more than a name-it’s a mindset”. This statement is clearly evident on the new release, “Albright”, where Indecent Proposal welcomes ONE and ALL.

The band features Josh Brown on lead vocals & production, Terry Beckman on bass guitar, Jevin Joki on drums and Jason Soderlund on lead guitar & backup vocals. Together, Indecent Proposal has created a sound that is explosive and appealing to the masses. Not conforming to conventional standards, Indecent Proposal incorporates a wide array of elements that makes for one vibrant style.

As soon as you hit play on “Albright”, the listener will hear a gritty ‘n’ grungy rock sound that pierces your eardrums. The infectious notes instantly pull you in on “Albright” as Indecent Proposal delivers an electrifying performance for the ages. The new single is musically and vocally enticing catering to not one group but many groups of people in the world. “Albright” provides a welcoming vibe and unifying variety that listeners will gravitate toward. Indecent Proposal gives US a solid set overall and one rock star performance on “Albright”. Be sure to SKOPE out the official video for “Albright” right here:

Why stick to one musical genre when you can just play music that covers a wide musical spectrum. That is the name of the game for Indecent

Proposal and “Albright” does not sway away from this aspect. “Albright” will light up your senses and invigorate your mind as it is never a dull moment for Indecent Proposal and its audience.

By Jimmy Rae