Les Fradkin Turns US On to “Remote Control”

Les Fradkin is a talented producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who is back with a sizzling single titled “Remote Control”. There are many messages instilled on this track all directed toward a “Remote Control” that can be your friend, your enemy or both. Les Fradkin hits on a lot of topics here and one being mind control when it comes to the mighty “Remote Control”.


All lyrics and music are done by Les Fradkin, Loretta Fradkin and Diana Reid Haig for RRO Entertainment OBO Fradkin 2000 Music and Queen of Sheba Music. The single features one man band Les Fradkin on lead & background vocals, mellotron, Chamberlin, Starr Labs Ztar, nylon string guitar, bass and drums and Loretta Fradkin on background vocals. Les Fradkin has created a piece that is relevant and in a sense informative to the listeners. The words are direct and on point talking about the effects of the “Remote Control”. Good or bad, the audience will decide whether he or she wants to flip the switch ON or OFF.

During “Remote Control”, the listener will be contemplating reality and what’s real and what’s not. Les Fradkin is able to closely analyze the human psyche in song format by explaining how a simple “Remote Control” could actually be harmful to your health. All the while, the single is very appealing to hear with a captivating sound and fine-tuned instrumentation. Les expresses to the audience how people are being ruled by the “Remote Control” and the entire track speaks volumes lyrically. “Remote Control” is thought-provoking and a powerful composition to say the least.
Les Fradkin is an award-winning composer and pioneer of the MIDI guitar with many years in the music business. Add “Remote Control” to Fradkin’s list of top-shelf, high quality tunes. One thing is for certain and that is that you will want to turn on this particular “Remote Control” and leave it on for the entire duration of the song. “Remote Control” is hitting the airwaves and now in your hands & ears, so choose wisely.


By Jimmy Rae