Stephen Jacques with Emphatic Statement on “Sometimes Love is not Enough”

Stephen Jacques is a prolific singer/songwriter with 10 albums to his name and an 11th on the way. Known for his heart-infused, alt-rock love songs, Jacques does not disappoint with his latest single titled “Sometimes Love is not Enough”. Influenced by great rock & punk bands, Stephen Jacques incorporates a variety of elements on the new release. Everything from folk and rock to alternative, country and soul, Stephen Jacques has got you covered on “Sometimes Love is not Enough”.

The new song is written by Stephen Jacques and he handles lead vocals and acoustic guitar on the track as well. “Sometimes Love is not Enough” is a featured single on the upcoming album titled ‘Prayers for an Orange Cat’. It is worth noting that Jacques worked with renowned engineer Steve Albini whose credits include Nirvana, Paul McCartney and PJ Harvey just to name a few. Jacques also had the pleasure of working with Jason Narducy whose credits include Dave Grohl, Bob Mould and others. “Sometimes Love is not Enough” is a standout piece that deserves major recognition and immediate airplay.

When you hit play, the listener will sense that Stephen Jacques is pouring an overload of emotion into this song. With a pure sound and genuine lyrics, “Sometimes Love is not Enough” displays crystal clear purity at its finest. Stephen’s heart & soul is on full display here where the audience will quickly realize that “Sometimes Love is not Enough”. Stephen Jacques leaves a lasting impression on the listener and the audible impact is real on the new single.

“Sometimes Love is not Enough” would be an excellent addition to your playlist and is a buzzworthy cut without question. Stephen Jacques is a true artist with a vision that speaks to a wide audience. Let’s take a closer listen and try to figure out why “Sometimes Love is not Enough” according to Stephen Jacques.


By Jimmy Rae