Stephen Jacques Offers “Prayers for an Orange Cat”

Stephen Jacques is a talented singer/songwriter who is well known for making alt-rock love songs. The latest single is titled “Prayers for an Orange Cat” and offers an abundance of rich substance for the listening audience. “Prayers for an Orange Cat” is the highlighted single off the upcoming album with the same name. Prepare for music with purpose as Stephen Jacques delivers a commanding performance on “Prayers for an Orange

“Prayers for an Orange Cat” was written by Stephen Jacques and he also supplies lead vocals and acoustic guitar. I would also like to mention that Jacques had the pleasure of working with legendary music engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Paul McCartney, PJ Harvey) on this project along with Jason Narducy (Dave Grohl, Bob Mould). Stephen Jacques is a highly expressive artist who is not confined to one musical genre and “Prayers for an Orange Cat” is a perfect indication of this.

This track speaks volumes lyrically & vocally as the listener will be anxious to discover these “Prayers for an Orange Cat”. Stephen Jacques writes and performs a compelling number here that attracts a wide variety of people. The audience will be engaged from start to finish on “Prayers for an Orange Cat” and will not be disappointed. Jacques is able to captivate the listener through music that connects and lyrics that hold true value.

“Prayers for an Orange Cat” will be humming in your ears for days to come and it’s safe to say is purring with excitement. Each note and chord seem to be perfectly executed and makes for one enjoyable listening experience. Be sure to SKOPE out “Prayers for an Orange Cat” and hopefully this song will scratch and claw its way to the top of the charts!


By Jimmy Rae