You’ll Love Cherylann Hawk’s New Single, “Love & Gratitude” (out on June 8th)

Cherylann Hawk’s latest single, “Love & Gratitude,” set to be released on June 8th, is a heartfelt ode to the power of positivity and the importance of appreciating life’s simple pleasures. This track, adorned with the warmth of acoustic instrumentation and lyrical sincerity, encapsulates Hawk’s ongoing journey of finding grace and thankfulness in everyday experiences.

From the very first strum of Hawk’s acoustic guitar, the song radiates a gentle, inviting energy. Her vocals, rich and genuine, seamlessly convey the song’s message. The track is skillfully complemented by Bob Zigerelli’s lead acoustic guitars, which add layers of melodic depth without overpowering the core acoustic essence. The pedal steel guitar, masterfully played by Charlie McVay, introduces a classic country twang that enhances the song’s emotional resonance, creating a soundscape that is both nostalgic and fresh.

The rhythm section, featuring Joey Granati on bass and keys along with Tracey Whorton on drums and percussion, provides a steady and soothing foundation that allows the acoustic elements to shine. Granati’s contributions on the keys add a subtle but significant layer, enriching the harmonic texture of the piece.

Recorded and mixed with David Granati at Maplewood Studio/Dave World Productions and mastered by Brian Foraker, the production quality is impeccable. Every instrument is clear and balanced, highlighting the collaborative effort behind this track. The recording captures the intimate, live-feel essence of Hawk’s performance, making the listener feel as if they are in the same room with the musicians.

Lyrically, “Love & Gratitude” is both introspective and uplifting. Hawk’s narrative of finding gratitude in all life’s encounters is encapsulated in lines like, “You’ll remember what you are craving / You’ll remember who you are / You’ll remember why you’re amazing.” These words resonate deeply, offering a universal message of self-acceptance and appreciation.

The chorus, with its mantra-like repetition of “All you need is some love and gratitude,” is infectious, embedding itself into the listener’s mind long after the song has ended. This refrain, simple yet profound, serves as a reminder of the essential elements that foster a fulfilling life.

Overall, Cherylann Hawk’s “Love & Gratitude” is a beautifully crafted song that combines skillful musicianship with a poignant message. It stands out not only for its melodic charm and polished production but also for its heartfelt sincerity. This single is a testament to Hawk’s ability to create music that is both personally significant and universally appealing. As the world navigates through challenging times, “Love & Gratitude” offers a soothing reminder of the healing power of love and thankfulness.