Single Review: Celebrate Women’s Empowerment with Patti Spadaro Band’s “Glass Shatters” (out June 8th)

The Patti Spadaro Band’s upcoming single “Glass Shatters,” set to release on June 8, 2024, is a resonant and empowering anthem that celebrates a historic milestone—the first female Vice President of the United States. Patti Spadaro, an artist known for her introspective songwriting and captivating lead guitar work, has crafted a song that not only honors this achievement but also serves as a rallying cry for women everywhere.

Recorded at Blue Door Recorders in Pittsburgh, “Glass Shatters” is a testament to local talent and collaboration. The track features the stellar contributions of Anne Celedonia on keys and vocals, along with background vocalists Cherylann Hawk, Jill Simmons, and Alison McTavish. The rhythm section, with drummer and recording engineer Eric Kurtzrock and bassist Ryan Black, lays down a solid groove that perfectly complements Spadaro’s guitar and vocal delivery.

From its opening lines, “Glass Shatters” immediately captures the listener’s attention. The lyrics, starting with “Glass shatters, clear the way / Declare today a holiday,” set a tone of celebration and triumph. Spadaro’s lyrical craftsmanship shines throughout the song, weaving together themes of perseverance, representation, and joy. The pre-chorus and chorus amplify these sentiments, urging listeners to “Keep rising up, never giving up / Hear us Roar, Hear us Roar.”

Musically, the single showcases Spadaro’s signature style—organic grooves and memorable compositions infused with heartfelt emotion. The arrangement is both dynamic and uplifting, with a chorus that is bound to become an earworm. The bridge, with its imagery of a lotus rising from the mud and shattering the ceiling, adds a layer of poetic depth, making it not just a song but an anthem of resilience and empowerment.

The Patti Spadaro Band has always been about more than just music; it’s about connection, inspiration, and transformation. “Glass Shatters” encapsulates this ethos, delivering a message that is both timely and timeless. It’s a call to action and a celebration of progress, encouraging women to keep pushing boundaries and making their voices heard.

For those new to Spadaro’s work, “Glass Shatters” is an excellent introduction. It captures the essence of her artistry—heartfelt, inspiring, and musically rich. Fans of artists like Bonnie Raitt, Tedeschi Trucks Band, and Sheryl Crow will find a lot to love here.

As you anticipate the release of “Glass Shatters,” prepare to be moved and motivated. This is a track that not only celebrates a historic moment but also invites us all to dance, rejoice, and continue the fight for equality. It’s a testament to the power of music to uplift and unite, making it a must-listen for anyone passionate about the transformative power of song.