Single Review: Erin Enderlin feat. Cliff & Susan – “Last Call”

*Release Date: May 31, 2024*

Award-winning country artist Erin Enderlin has teamed up with the dynamic duo Cliff & Susan for a fresh rendition of “Last Call,” originally recorded by Lee Ann Womack. This collaboration was first performed live at the 2023 Arkansas Country Music Awards (ACMAs) and has since been brought to the studio, with Cliff also handling the production at Big Red Dog Productions in Arkansas. The single, officially released on May 31, 2024, is a poignant exploration of late-night heartache and the lingering shadows of past loves.

Enderlin’s soulful lead vocals and guitar work are complemented by Cliff’s versatile musicianship on background vocals, fiddle, bass guitar, and drums, while Susan adds depth with her background vocals and keys. The arrangement stays true to the song’s roots, maintaining its country essence while infusing it with a contemporary touch that makes it fresh and relevant for today’s listeners. The instrumentation is both lush and intimate, allowing the emotional weight of the lyrics to take center stage.

The lyrics of “Last Call” are a heart-wrenching depiction of unrequited love and the inevitable loneliness that follows. Enderlin sings of recognizing the caller’s number, knowing the familiar pangs of hope and disappointment that accompany it. The chorus, with its vivid imagery of a bar closing down and the protagonist being the “last call” for their lover, resonates deeply, capturing the universal experience of waiting for someone who may never truly be there.

Enderlin’s vocal delivery has been described as hauntingly beautiful, bringing a new layer of emotion to the song. Cliff & Susan’s contributions have been praised for adding richness and texture without overshadowing Enderlin’s performance. The production quality, overseen by Cliff, has also received high marks for its clarity and balance, highlighting the strengths of each artist involved.

**Key Moments:**
– **Opening Verse:** Enderlin’s emotive vocals set a melancholic tone that draws the listener in immediately.
– **Chorus:** The harmonies between Enderlin, Cliff, and Susan build to an emotional crescendo, delivering the song’s poignant message with powerful impact.
– **Bridge:** Offers a reflective pause that deepens the narrative, enhancing the song’s overall emotional resonance.

– Erin Enderlin is renowned for her storytelling prowess, with her songwriting credits including cuts by Willie Nelson and Trisha Yearwood.
– Cliff & Susan, a married duo from Little Rock, Arkansas, have a strong following, bolstered by their international tours and notable performances, such as on the Huckabee Show.
– This single follows their acclaimed debut album, “Fiddle & Keys,” which hit the US iTunes Country Albums Top 40.

**Upcoming Performances:**
Fans can catch Cliff & Susan live at the 2024 ACMAs on June 3rd in Conway, Arkansas, where they are nominated for Duo of the Year, Album of the Year, and Producer of the Year.

“Last Call” by Erin Enderlin featuring Cliff & Susan is a masterful collaboration that breathes new life into a classic country tune. It showcases the unique talents of each artist while honoring the song’s original essence. With its compelling lyrics, heartfelt delivery, and superb production, this single is set to resonate deeply with listeners and further cement the artists’ places in the country music landscape.