Radam Schwartz Presents “Saxophone Quartet Music”

A playful take on classic jazz rolls through as Radam Schwartz draws from the beloved tradition of dialogue on “Saxophone Quartet Music.” The songs possess an undue amount of lyricism. Nods to groups like the World Saxophone Quartet and Rova Saxophone Quartet appear to bloom throughout. Yet, for those reference points, Radam has a few additional flourishes to add. Far more direct than either of those groups, there’s a deep emotional cadence that permeates the entirety of the journey. Rhythms occur naturally and come from the conversation between all players.

The staccato bursts on “Lets Hear It For The Boy” set the tone, and there is a glee in the execution. “Sway In Rincon” features rather thoughtful hooks that give the proceeding a leisurely, stroll-like quality. Layers get woven together on the graciousness of “The Ancients,” giving the song a nostalgic, almost yearning quality in the right moments. A whole narrative unfurls without needing to say a thing. Stripping things away to get to the essence is the lovely, tender tones of “Hands With These Hands.” On “Validation,” a spry confident upswing takes shape. Delicate horns communicate with the soulful “As Long As You’re Remembered (You’re Still Alive).” Lyricism takes hold of the sorrowful “Many Seasons Wise One” as a meditative aspect centers the sound. Effortlessly closing things out is the thoughtful “My Ship.”

“Saxophone Quartet Music” features the gorgeous work of all involved, with Radam Schwartz proving to be an exceptional arranger.