Emotion, Reflection, and Attitude on German Rapper Jeanna-Sis’ Debut Album Eyes Wide Open

German-based rapper Jeanna-Sis is unlike any other so it stands to reason her releases wouldn’t be either. Her debut album ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is set to release April 19th following a string of 4 singles, each with a meticulously created music video, giving audiences a taste of the wide range of what the album has to offer.

The string of single releases will conclude with ‘Not Enough’, releasing March 29th, before culminating in the album hitting listener libraries in full April 19th. The track is sure to resonate with anyone who’s still reeling from heartbreak. Emotive anthemic choruses will have audiences screaming along, while Jeanna’s breakneck raps will blow them away. Not Enough is releasing alongside its astonishing animated lyric video. It presents viewers with abstractions drenched in a blue, white, and pink haze.

The video perfectly encapsulates the ‘naughty vs nice’ dynamic at play throughout Eyes Wide Open. Jeanna feels at home rapping about volatile relationships and the loss of a dear friend on her singles Frenemy and Still Searching For Stan, as she does letting our her alter ego CRAZY-MISS on the devilishly fun revenge track Jeanna on Emma.

Audiences everywhere can look forward to experiencing all that Jeanna-Sis has to offer for themselves when Eyes Wipe Open releases across all platforms April 19th.

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