INTERVIEW: Rachael Sage gives the low-down on upcoming reimagined album ‘Another Side’ 

We caught up with the award-winning folk-americana artist Rachael Sage about reinterpreting her 15th studio album, ‘Other Side’…

1) Your brand new album ‘Another Side’ drops on 17th May via your label MPress Records – how does it represent the current status of your musical journey and how you’ve evolved as an artist? 

I think ‘Another Side’ is probably the low accurate musical capture on recording of what I actually sound like live – with a few bells and whistles but not many. The music I love most tends to reflect a mood and really feel like you’re right there in the space where the artist spilled their heart out. I think this album represents an evolution from me as primarily a pop/alternative artist to someone who is equally at home in the folk/roots/Anericana realm. It’s interesting for me to go back and listen to some of my earlier records that were similar in the sense that sonically I gravitated toward acoustic instrumentation; but lyrically and even musically the writing was more cryptic, and less eager to connect than to impress. I think the older we get the more that dynamic naturally shifts, and for me now it’s always going to be about resonance and connection rather than cultivating some kind of mystique…

2)  Another Side’ is a reimagining of your album ‘Other Side’ – what are the key musical differences between them? 

The key differences vary from song to song but across the board there are no drums, no electic guitar or electric bass. Guitar solos have been replaced by harmonica, mandolin and string lines, and the rhythm section is upright bass and percussion. I also wanted to avoid singing all the harmony parts myself  so it was a lot of fun having Annalyse & Ryan and my friends Cry’s Matthews, Amy Speace and Grace Pettis lend their voices to the project.

3) Stylistically, how does ‘Another Side’ differ from your previous albums? 

It’s more organic, more stripped down and dare I say, a bit more down to earth I think.

4) Has the creative process of ‘Another Side’ inspired your songwriting or musical direction, and why? 

I’m not sure creating ‘’Another Side’ inspired my songwriting or musical direction rather than captured it. I tend to get bored easily and want to shift to a completely different direction with each record. Since this one had no drums…maybe that means my next one will have at least two!

5) How would you describe ‘Another Side’ to someone who’s never listened to you before? 

Poetic chamber folk 

6) You’re set to tour the UK and US this Spring and Summer – where are you most looking forward to playing? 

I can’t wait to play at The Great Escape! It’ll be my first time – and I love Brighton l :)

7) After the anticipated release of Another Side, do you have any new music in the works? 

I certainly do! I have most of an album completed – but I probably won’t have time to keep chipping away at it until later this Fall. 

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