SHIV Releases “Wishing”

SHIV is a very creative bunch and you can sense the passion coming forth as a whole unit. The new single is titled “Wishing” and the listener will be engaged from the moment he or she hits play. With thoughtful lyrics, meaningful music and proud musicianship, SHIV packs a big punch with the new release.

SHIV is a rock band that is made up of three seasoned musicians and they are: Joshua Elyashiv, Eddie Willer and Elisa Seda. Together they are SHIV and what they have created is a sound that connects and has mass appeal. The new song “Wishing” is a perfect indication of that as SHIV shows up and shows out from start to finish.

As soon as “Wishing” starts up, I am hit with a simple yet moving tone that actually has a big impact overall. The single is lyrically strong and speaks volumes as SHIV is just “Wishing” for an end to war. Wars have been going on for generations and so the content on “Wishing” is something many listeners can identify with. The material is also personal, sensitive and relates to many souls out there. SHIV is performing with a purpose on “Wishing” with music that connects with people from all walks of life.

SHIV is playing at a high level on “Wishing” where everything seems to come together for the group. Musically, lyrically and vocally, SHIV delivers on all levels and checks all the boxes for quality control on the new single. If “Wishing” is this strong of a number, then I can’t wait to here more from SHIV in the near future!

By Jimmy Rae