The Woolfman captures heartache in alluring new single ‘MY WOUNDED HEART’ 

Multi-instrumentalist The Woolfman has forged an unforgettable career over the years – from the pop hit days of the 80s with Blue Zoo to his Cannes World Film Festival win for debut release ‘Make America Love Again’, the artist has received a multitude of acclaim for his signature take on house music. Setting himself apart from others with the captivating new single ‘MY WOUNDED HEART’, The Woolfman is destined to electrify audiences and transfer them to a hypnotic realm, marking the beginning of his next musical voyage. 

Led by seamless house piano interwoven with the exquisite vocal talent of Italian jazz singer FC, ‘MY WOUNDED HEART’ illustrates the last moments of hope in a relationship at its end. Diverting between blissfully nostalgic and refreshingly modern, The Woolfman infuses intelligent production with classic house music tendencies. Backed by an infectious beat and grown from the classic features of a Spanish love song, the track signifies the artist’s return with one of his most poignant works to date. 

Having received praise from DJ great David Guetta, The Woolfman’s talents for emotive house music is clearly one-to-watch. With its perfect blend of dynamic instrumentation and strikingly relatable lyricism,  ‘MY WOUNDED HEART’ is poised to be the lovelorn club anthem of the summer.

Listen to ‘MY WOUNDED HEART’ out now via W Records. 

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