The Contemporary Violin of Jack Campbell Across International Tour

Jack Campbell is on a mission to bring the grand tradition of violinist composers back into the public eye with his remarkable international tour. 

The Canadian based musician, at only 21, is about to embark on a 6-country tour – The Contemporary Violin of Jack Campbell – across Canada, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and France. Across his performances, Campbell will demonstrate his prodigal talents in a celebration of the top composers of today’s classical world.

Join rising-star Canadian violinist and composer Jack Campbell for the London recital of his 2024 European Tour!

As Jack describes it, “it is my great passion to expose audiences to the cutting edge of musical sound

worlds. I believe that classical music should interact with visual arts, dance, theatre, and popular music and incorporate this into my concerts and stage act.”

Though heavily inspired by the greats that came before him, Jack brings a youthful energy to the scene by incorporating modern technologies to push the medium forward. In his latest video, Jack performances in a parkade with 10 second natural reverb, creating a harmony quite like any others. The animated performance is presented in a distorted view of life action footage, demonstrating visually his love of the old, but with a new twist. 

The Contemporary Violin of Jack Campbell may be the young artist’s first tour but he has already been making waves in the classical scene. To date, he has received glowing reviews from the lieks of Centre Culturel Canadien Paris, Tricity News, Stir Magazine and more. 

Audiences are invited to come and experience The Contemporary Violin of Jack Campbell for themselves at het performances listed below: 

Upcoming Concerts: 

-April 25, Gallery 881, Vancouver

-April 28, Shadbolt Centre for the Performing Arts, Vancouver

-May 2nd, Conway Hall, London

-May 4th, Splendor, Amsterdam

-May 6th, KHaus, Basel

-May 10, Hosek Contemporary, Berlin

-May 14th, Canadian Cultural Center, Paris

-May 18th, Royal Overseas League, London

-May 19th, Light and Sound Festival at St. Pauls United, London

Press Quotes: 

“A Rising Musical Star” -Centre Culturel Canadien Paris

“Campbell is a skilled violinist, composer, and arts leader in the community and beyond” -Stir Magazine

“This young lion dispatched two entirely different works with ferocious focus and nimble sensitivity” -Vancouver Pro Musica

“Jack Campbell’s music merges the intellectual with the sensual” -Rodney Sharman

“His passion, knowledge, charisma, and artistry are equal parts impressive.”

-Julian Scott Presents