Some Self-care Routine Tips For Those Struggling 

There are times that we want to take care of ourselves, but it can come off as somehow a chore and an annoyance because of sticking to a routine when you just want to rest; however, having a self-care routine is actually very beneficial for you especially when you just need a break from everything else and focus on yourself. That said, here are some tips that you can follow to make it seem less like a task you have to do and more like something you enjoy doing.

Create a Safe Space To Do It In

Personally, self-care routines are such a sacred practice because you could consider it as your alone time with yourself where you can unpack and debrief from your day– because of this, you need to have a safe space where you can do your routine in peace and without any distractions like your own room or secure you comfort room for an hour so you can do it, any private space where you can move freely will do.

Skin Care and Self Checkup

Once you have that safe space, then you can move on to doing your skincare routine (which we think is a very important part of self-care) and have a little self-checkup, maybe pop some zits that you have, or you can use your eyelash tweezers to pluck out some stray lashes. It is also a good practice to think about your day and go over what went well and what went bad so you can think over things in the next step.

Practicing Mindfulness

Now, this is very important because it can help you really get into that headspace of yours and check up on yourself on a more spiritual level and cultivate your personal relationship with yourself. The best way to do this is to give yourself a moment to meditate or if you are not into that, even just some deep breathing exercises because they are really proven to calm you down and bring some stability in your day.


Scientifically speaking, routines like these are proven to help you relieve the stress you have felt all throughout the day and even help you improve your concentration and emotional balance so you are ready to face the world after your routine! What are you waiting for, try these out and see yourself becoming a better version of yourself in just a few weeks!