The Simonetta Lein Show Season 6 Finale with Lori Greiner 

Today #TheSimonettaLeinShow closes its coveted 6th season, having hosted some of their biggest guests yet. For SLTV’s highly anticipated season finale the show welcomes the esteemed entrepreneur and leading “Shark Tank” investor, Lori Greiner. Lori is recognized as one of the most prolific inventors of retail products of our time and a master brand builder. A prominent figure in the world of business, Lori has not only transformed countless industries with her innovative products but has also nurtured and guided aspiring entrepreneurs through her role on the Emmy Award Winning TV show “Shark Tank.” Creating and marketing over 1,000 products and holding 120 patents to her name, she has a keen eye for marketable ideas, Lori continues to inspire and empower the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs. 

In this cherished interview we have the unique opportunity to gain insights from Greiner’s remarkable journey and gather invaluable advice from her wealth of experience as another remarkable season comes to a close. Tune In…

Simonetta & SLTV would like to dedicate this episode to an amazing season and more beautiful content to come! The show will return with a formal announcement on seasons and projects on the way this summer!

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