Sir Charles Jones is the KING OF SOUTHERN SOUL with hit songs like “Friday” “Just Another Love Song” “Is There Anybody Lonely”.

SONG LYRICS – “Take Care of Momma”

Ain’t no woman alive like you mama
Nobody took more time like you mama
When I think of all the things you’ve done for me
How you suffered without so much for me to be me
To be a strong, strong man yeah
Oh how I thank you mama mama for tender loving care
Oh help me sing
Oh Lord
Take care of momma (Take care of Momma)
Please Lord She’s the only thing I got Oh lordy.
Take care of momma. Every night I pray
Oh Lord Please
Take care of momma. Take care of momma
Please Lord. Please Jesus Do you remember when you said this momma?
She said to thank God for everything
He wouldn’t mislead
He will guide, move, and lead you
You said one day you will have a little child
And you will love it like a father and I’ll know my time was worthwhile
She said respect the little woman as you do me
And the Lord will bless you my son so tremendously
Yeah I took all those words that my mama said and I lived my life
From day by day by day and night. Oh help me sing it
Oh Lord Oh Lord
Take care of Momma, Take care of Momma
Please Lord she’s the only thing I got Lordie. Take care of momma
Momma can we do it together? Oh Lord
Can we pray? Take care of momma, take care
Please Lord of my momma
Take care of momma oh oh oh oooooh
Mama look to the years always for which come in your hands
He’ll be right by your side
Oh woah oh woaaaaah
Take care of momma. Can you take care?
Please Lord. Please Please Please
Take care of momma. Take care of Momma
Oh Lord Oh Lord yea yeah
Take care of momma Please take care of momma Lordy
Please Lord I know everything gonna be alright.
Take care of Momma
I can depend on you Lordy
Take care of Momma. Take care, Take care
Please Lord, take care of Momma