PREVIEW: Allegra is back and better than ever with new single ‘Love You Right Back’ (ALOK Remix) 

Brace to experience the next chapter in Allegra’s meteoric rise to stardom, Following her chart-topping collaboration with Tiësto, which dominated the dance music scene. Allegra is back and ready to make an even bigger splash with her latest single, ‘Love You Right Back’, expertly remixed by ALOK, the 4th biggest DJ in the world. 

Set for release on May 3rd via Radikal Records, ‘Love You Right Back’ (ALOK Remix) is a high-energy track that promises to charm dance floors across the globe. With a unique blend of Allegra’s distinct vocal and irresistible rhythms, this remix is a shining example of her infectious abilities and empowering style. 

ALOK’s interpretation adds an extra layer of excitement, transporting Allegra’s renowned knack for hits to the next level. As one of the most influential figures in the global DJ scene, ALOK’s collaboration with Allegra solidifies her rising status as a pop sensation.

Having already made her mark with her previous singles and collaborations with famous DJs, Allegra’s voyage to superstardom shows no signs of slowing down. With ‘Love You Right Back’ poised to sweep the world by storm, Allegra is set to solidify her position as one of the hottest mainstream pop stars to emerge from the UK in recent memory.

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