Dave Schumacher & Cubeye Present ‘Smoke In The Sky’

Chilled out and laid-back, Dave Schumacher and Cubeye create an elegantly executed atmosphere with “Smoke In The Sky.” The horn work gives the album a robust flavor. Due to the tactile percussion, the rhythms feature a Latin flavor, going a little outside the usual. The production adds to the majesty, for a crystal clarity feels genuinely profound. Best of all, the arrangements have such depth, allowing for multiple layers to collide yet retain an airy disposition. It is hard to pull off, yet the group does so with ease, as every player is ideally placed to implement this thoughtful strategy.


Grooves start the sound on a high note with the careful buildup of the opener and title track, “Smoke In the Sky.” “You Know It’s Wrong” has gorgeous piano chords. The drum kit is replaced with more unconventional means while retaining that stylish coolness. Saxophone begins “Caridad” with a virtual celebration coming into the fray, allowing great joy to burst onto the scene. On “(No More) Smoke In The Sky,” they slow things down, letting every flourish reverberate. “El Dilema de Chegüi Metralla” lets things rip and get particularly wild. Basslines roll through with ease on “Cal Massey.” “Walk Spirit Talk Spirit” lets a swinging mood take hold. “Poinciana” ties everything together in this glorious way, with a fantastic journey that feels modern and classic at the same time.

Dave Schumacher and Cubeye deliver a profoundly soothing, serene sense of meditation with “Smoke In The Sky.”