Gary Palmer New Single ‘Movin On’

With a lyrical approach to the saxophone, Gary Palmer embodies a crystal cool on the excellent “Movin On.” Funk, rock, jazz, and pop merge. The song has a laid-back, reflective stance that continues throughout the track. By allowing so many different elements to interact, what happens is a layered, nearly psychedelic approach. Vocalizations on the periphery of the piece add to the communal quality. Swirling about in a delirious haze, a playfulness exists within the atmosphere, from the gorgeous keyboards that intertwine to the rhythm that remains slow-moving in its gait and downright luxurious.

A quiet opening begins the song. From there, the rest of the piece comes into the fray with such careful consideration. The shift from instrument to instrument gives the track a conversational approach. Lots of the song has this dialogue, bringing aspects of keyboard and saxophone talent into the fray. For the journey, it remains primarily vocal-less. With the mellowed aspect, it has a graceful gleam. By sidestepping trends, the song has a classic spirit, as if it could have been from anywhere in the last several decades. They engage in this gracious attitude, as the song has some infectious hooks that harken back to Miles Davis’s funk-laden explorations of the 70s; the crystal clarity and sense of play are stunning to behold, from beginning to end.

The funky, sinewy sound of “Movin On” shows Gary Palmer at the peak of their powers, with a multifaceted tour-de-force.