Single Review: Sarantos “Never Trust a Happy Song”

Sarantos’ latest single, “Never Trust a Happy Song,” released on April 1st, 2024, is a fascinating fusion of funk pop elements with introspective and somewhat melancholic lyrics. This divergence from the norm reveals a deeper layer to Sarantos’ artistry, showcasing his ability to blend upbeat musical compositions with thought-provoking messages. The track serves as a reflection on the often misleading nature of optimism portrayed in music and media, contrasting sharply with the realities of life.

The lyrics themselves are a candid exploration of repeated mistakes and the relentless pursuit of happiness, despite constant setbacks. Sarantos delves into personal experiences, making the song a heartfelt confession of his tendency to be swayed by the allure of joyful melodies, only to be reminded of the harsh truths of existence. The pre-choruses and choruses, with their repeated lines, emphasize the cyclical nature of these experiences, underlining the inevitability of disappointment that comes from trusting too blindly in the escapist fantasy offered by happy songs.

Musically, “Never Trust a Happy Song” is built on a foundation of funk-pop—a genre known for its catchy, danceable beats and groovy basslines. However, Sarantos twists this typically joyful sound to convey a message that is paradoxically somber. The juxtaposition of the music video further highlights this contrast, pairing the song’s upbeat melody with visuals that illustrate its darker narrative. This deliberate discordance draws listeners in, challenging them to find their own balance between the song’s sonic joy and lyrical caution.

Sarantos’ commentary on the song elucidates his intent not as a denouncement of happy songs but as a critique of the naive acceptance of their messages. It’s a call to acknowledge the complexity of life, recognizing that while music can be a source of joy and escape, it also has the power to mislead and oversimplify.

In addition to the musical and lyrical depth of “Never Trust a Happy Song,” Sarantos continues his tradition of philanthropy by supporting the Happy Hippie Foundation with proceeds from the single. This aligns with his long-standing commitment to using his music as a platform for positive change, further enriching the song’s narrative with real-world impact.

For those exploring Sarantos’ discography, “Never Trust a Happy Song” represents a pivotal moment in his career, encapsulating his growth as an artist and his nuanced understanding of music’s dual role as both a healer and a deceiver. This single not only adds a vibrant layer to his musical journey but also invites listeners to reflect on the broader implications of the music they consume and trust.

Listeners drawn to Sarantos’ exploration of the complexities of happiness and reality through music might also appreciate artists like Gotye or Rob Thomas, who similarly blend catchy melodies with introspective lyrics. “Never Trust a Happy Song” is a testament to Sarantos’ evolving artistry and his ability to navigate the intricate dance between musical joy and lyrical depth, making it a compelling addition to the funk-pop genre and a noteworthy chapter in his ongoing musical saga.

–Jimmy Jones