Eddie Witz and The Most High Debut Radiant Pop Gem ‘Jamaica Time’ Premiere

The charisma of pop-folk artist Eddie Witz and The Most High will take your breath away. The rising singer-songwriter shares his new single, ‘Jamaica Time’ a tune that with soul and emotion fuelled by positive energy, sonically painting a sun-soaked atmosphere. 

‘Jamaica Time’ exemplifies Witz’s knack for crafting breezy, uplifting melodies and seamless arrangements. Transporting listeners to a tropical paradise, it is a unique combination of laid-back rhythms, infectious hooks and introspective lyrics that embody the soulful nature of pop/rock/reggae music. 

The story of how ‘Jamaica Time’ came to be is the result of a fascinating twist of fate. Originally written by Native Wayne Jobson for Jimmy Buffett, after co-writing the song ‘Altered Boy’, the recording of ‘Jamaica Time’ was halted after Buffett’s plane was accidentally mistaken for a drug smuggler on a flight to Negril, in which Jamaican police opened fire and hit the plane seven times, which damaged the fuselage. The flight also included U2’s Bono, his family, and Islands Records founder Chris Blackwell on board. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and Buffet did eventually get a song out of it, entitled ‘Jamaica Mistaica’.

Speaking on ‘I Am What I Am’, Witz shared, ‘I hope that listeners will find solace, inspiration, and joy in the melodies and lyrics of this EP and that it serves as a soundtrack for their journeys of self-discovery and personal growth.’

Hailing from California, Eddie Witz and The Most High are not going anywhere. Eddie’s vocals dance between the bold and gentle, complimented by his collaborations with Grammy award-winning producer Native Wayne Jobson, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame songwriter & and producer Jeff Barry. 

Listen To ‘Jamaica Time’

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