Q&A: We speak to dance-pop sensation NADIA about new single ‘Buzz’, upcoming music and her love for Troye Sivan

Q&A: We speak to dance-pop sensation NADIA about new single ‘Buzz’, upcoming music and her love for Troye Sivan

  • ‘Buzz’ explores the feeling of never being alone in the city. Could you elaborate on how this concept inspired the songwriting process?

 Buzz is such a meaningful song to me and I’m so thankful for all the support it’s been getting since its release! I drew from experiences of walking around cities at night, soaking in the  atmosphere. I’ve always felt the ‘buzz’ and noise of the crowds in a big city can feel comforting and help you feel less alone. 

  • Are there any specific cities or places that inspired the lyrics of ‘Buzz’, or is it more of a general reflection on urban life? 

My experiences of being in New York, London, even my hometown, Belfast and more

  • How does ‘Buzz’ differ sonically from your previous releases, and what influenced this evolution in sound?  

As the song is supposedly set in a city at night, the track needed to be darker and have a dream-like quality to evoke that kind of atmosphere.

  • Can you share any insights into the production process of ‘Buzz’ and how you worked to bring its themes to life musically?

 The lyrics usually come first with a basic chord progression. It’s at this point you make decisions as to the sonic direction the song should take to best compliment the vocals. In this song it was predominately strings that seemed to set the right feel. Although it’s a modern song in construction and execution, other elements such as the little vocal counter melodies throughout and the alto sax towards the end of the song definitely evoke the sense of a past era.

  • You’re a fan of Troye Sivan and Agnes. Can we expect any elements of their style to influence your future releases? 

I definitely love the styles of both Troye Sivan and Agnes and they inspire me a lot. However, my producer and I try to create our own unique sound that infuses both modern pop/dance music and retro 70/80s influences.

  • You mentioned before about planning some music videos, if you could create any video for ‘Buzz’, what would it be? 

I would love to film a music video for Buzz in New York, walking around the city at night and interacting with the public. That would be the dream video! 

  • With ‘Buzz’ being released in February, do you feel it captures a certain vibe or mood that aligns with the season?

 It’s definitely more of a darker song but with glimpses of hope and optimism, so I guess you could say those themes could be compared to the changing seasons of winter to spring.

  • Are there any specific goals you hope to achieve with your music in 2024?

I’m working on quite a few different tracks right now so I’ll be finishing them off soon which is exciting. My music video for ‘Push the Button’ will be out very soon and I’m also preparing for my first show in London, supporting the brilliant artist ‘D3lta’. 

Listen to ‘Buzz’ now: https://open.spotify.com/track/2q4nWTdanSUNuWmVPehv0b?si=f7ade7c1065a4b1a 

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