Jazz at the Ballroom Presents ‘Flying High’ Release Date May 3, 2024

Jazz at the Ballroom reimagines the classics gracefully with “Flying High.” The songs sway back and forth. The interplay among the band adds to the communal quality the songs possess. Vocals feel gracious. She has a stately presence with the tenderness of her lyrics feeling joyous. Layers are woven together, creating a vast tapestry. Colors feature an inherent brightness. Melodies have a lovely, lilting quality that feels life-affirming. By bringing together the many different elements into a cohesive whole, the songs have a classic, timeless essence.

Brush strokes open the album on the sly “On the Sunny Side of the Street.” A brisk pace on “Secret Love” gives the track a playful attitude. “Don’t Know Enough About You” unspools flirtatiously. Piano anchors the intimacy of “I Only Have Eyes for You.” The jumping, galloping strides of “All of Me” show off the exceptional rhythm section, as the bass feels downright elastic in certain moments. “Lullaby of the Leaves” has a noir-like presence. Stripping things to the essentials is the minimal stance of “What A Difference A Day Made.” Delicate work weaves through the longing of “The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else.” Going for a sweet, honeyed quality is the infectious “Social Call.” Percussion gives “The Man I Love” an extra little kick. A reflective attitude closes the album out with “Exactly Like You.”

“Flying High” is an absolute blast, as Jazz at the Ballroom offers a gallant energy that rolls through with sheer glee.