Jude Gwynaire Presents New Single ‘Star-Spangled Alice’

A classic piece of burnt acid-fried psychedelic “Star-Spangled Alice” reveals Jude Gwynaire’s sheer freewheeling sensibilities. The volume deserves its highest possible setting, for this is a physical experience. Purely instrumental, there is no need for words. Within the many different layers, a narrative emerges. Nods to groups like Jefferson Airplane and the United States of America appear in the margins of the work. Riffs rage through, incorporating a slightly Western twang. Percussion has a spirited approach, blasting its way through the sheer din.

Right from the beginning, the song surfs a wave of distortion. From that point on, the whole piece feels completely liberating. A freewheeling sensibility drives the sound forward, as he does not flinch away from creating this vast atmosphere. Beyond the apparent touchstones of psychedelic rock, aspects have a shoegaze-like wall of sound approach, crashing down on everything within their path. Letting all these different layers interact adds to the communal quality of the piece, for every single instrument adds to the overall sense of absolute freedom. Throughout the whole track, he lets loose, and the guitar work is refreshingly honest. He goes for the jugular as this strength rushes throughout the entire piece. When it reaches the final stretch, everything fades into the distance, giving it an excellent cyclical approach and returning to the beginning.

“Star-Spangled Alice” presents the sheer muscular power and stark vision of Jude Gwynaire while they sculpt this seemingly never-ending kaleidoscopic array of colors.