Jessy Yasmeen teams up with jazz collective on 3SOME on inspirational live recording of soul-pop gem ‘That Day – Live at Wisseloord Studios’

Jessy Yasmeen is a versatile singer-songwriter originating from Rotterdam, Netherlands, and collaborates with fusion trio 3SOME to deliver a mesmerising musical narrative in their latest release, “That Day.” This union promises an eclectic fusion of jazz pop, alt pop, and neo soul, transcending genre constraints and offering a breath of fresh air to the music landscape.

From the opening chords, “That Day” envelops listeners in a world of introspection and emotional resonance. Jessy’s lyrical prowess delves into profound themes of addiction, self-reflection, and personal growth, resonating profoundly with audiences seeking depth and authenticity in their musical experiences. Backed by the multifaceted talents of 3SOME—comprising the dynamic trio of Italian pianist Davide Rasetti, drummer Daan Arets, and bassist Gianluca Calo—the composition presents a rich tapestry of musical influences, seamlessly interwoven to create a spellbinding auditory journey.

Captured live at the esteemed Wisseloord Studios and masterfully mixed and engineered by Jonathan Gaba, “That Day” encapsulates the undeniable chemistry between Jessy Yasmeen and 3SOME. While boasting a commercial allure, the track retains an innate organic quality that distinguishes it from mainstream offerings. The addition of haunting backing vocals by Zorah Lagerwerf and Lindi Konings adds layers of depth and texture to the arrangement, elevating “That Day” to a realm of sonic sophistication.

As Jessy and 3SOME prepare to embark on a captivating tour of Havana, Cuba, and explore the rich Latin influences that shape their musical identity, anticipation for their forthcoming debut album continues to mount. “That Day” serves as a tantalising prelude to the immersive sonic experience that awaits, offering a glimpse into the soul-stirring melodies and thought-provoking lyricism that define Jessy Yasmeen’s artistic vision. Check it out now.