Dry Herb Vaporizer Getting Hot? Here’s What You Should Do

The oven in a dry herb vaporizer can get extremely hot during a vaping session, reaching temperatures as high as 430 degrees Fahrenheit or even higher depending on the capabilities of the device. E-liquid vaping devices can also get that hot, but the major difference is that a dry herb vape sustains its temperature for several minutes at a time – so it’s possible for things to get a little uncomfortable.

Does your dry herb vaporizer ever feel like it’s starting to get a bit too hot? If so, there might be an issue that you’ll want to look into more closely. A hot vaporizer is definitely going to make your vaping session less pleasurable, and it could even be a sign of a potential safety issue.

Having a hot dry herb vape can mean two different things. You might be concerned about the heat of your vaporizer because the device feels uncomfortably hot when you hold it, or you could have looked for answers because the vapor that your device is producing is uncomfortably hot and is causing throat irritation. 

Either way, you’re going to find some solutions in this guide.

Why Should You Be Concerned About a Hot Dry Herb Vape?

Before we discuss the potential ways to fix a hot dry herb vaporizer, let’s examine the reasons why a hot device might concern you in the first place. There are four reasons why you want to get to the root of this problem.

  • If the vapor is burning your throat, you’re obviously not going to have a very pleasant experience. Using a dry herb vaporizer should always be much, much smoother than smoking.
  • A hot dry herb vaporizer will be uncomfortable to hold.
  • If your vaporizer’s oven is overheating, your device may scorch your herbs instead of simply toasting them. It’s actually possible that you could end up inhaling smoke, which is exactly what you’re trying to avoid.
  • If the device is overheating, that’s a possible battery safety issue. A lithium-ion battery should never discharge at temperatures higher than about 140 degrees Fahrenheit. At hotter temperatures, a battery could become unstable and unsafe to use. It’s even possible that your device is shutting down because the heat is triggering the built-in overheating protection.

Now that you understand why you should be concerned about your hot dry herb vape, let’s start talking about solutions. We’ll begin with the device itself.

What to Do if Your Dry Herb Vaporizer Is Too Hot

If the body of your dry herb vaporizer is getting too hot when you use it, that’s a far bigger concern than the vapor itself being hot because a battery-powered device is potentially dangerous if it overheats. Here’s what you should do.

  • Turn the device off immediately if touching it is painfully hot. A dry herb vaporizer will often get very warm during use, but it should never feel painful to hold. Don’t use the device again until it has cooled down completely, and you believe you’ve identified and fixed the source of the problem.
  • Lower the temperature of the oven if you can. An adjustable oven temperature is probably the single most essential feature that any good dry herb vaporizer should have. Here’s a site where you can find a dry herb vape with multiple temperature settings.
  • Make sure that the device’s screen is clean, and the airflow isn’t blocked. Depending on the design of your vaporizer, the air may flow directly from the oven to the mouthpiece, or it may flow through the entire device. Airflow is an important part of maintaining a consistent oven temperature. You can fix an airflow issue by checking for blocked vents and ensuring that the mouthpiece is clean.
  • Don’t overpack your vaporizer’s oven. A dry herb vaporizer usually works best if the oven is packed fairly tightly. If you have difficulty drawing air through the device, though, the oven is overfilled.
  • If the device has a removable battery, make sure that the battery is appropriate for vaping and has the specifications recommended by the vaporizer’s manufacturer.
  • If the device is painful to hold, don’t wrap a towel or other item around it in an attempt to shield your hand from the heat. Doing this would be unsafe because the towel would insulate the device and cause the heat to build up even more.

What to Do if the Vapor Is Too Hot

As we mentioned above, being concerned about your dry herb vaporizer’s heat might not be a matter of the device itself being hot – you might simply be here because the vapor is too hot, so you’re not having a good experience with your device. There’s no reason why vaping should ever be harsher than smoking, so this is definitely a problem. If your dry herb vape is producing hot vapor, here’s what you should do.

  • Start by following the advice mentioned in the previous section of this guide. In particular, it’s important to make sure that your vaporizer’s airflow isn’t impeded, and the temperature of the oven isn’t set too high. You could try setting the temperature lower at the beginning of your vaping session to maximize the flavor quality. Raise the temperature briefly at the end of the session to ensure that you’ve gotten everything out of your herbs.
  • If you usually inhale the vapor directly into your lungs when using a dry herb vaporizer, try taking short “sips” when you use the device instead. This should help to ensure that the vapor isn’t overly hot when you inhale it. 
  • Try connecting your vaporizer to a bubbler or water pipe. Bubblers are small water pipes that are often specifically designed to connect to vaporizers. If you have a full-sized water pipe that you want to use, look for a silicone adapter that can allow your vaporizer to connect to your water pipe’s stem. Adding water filtration to your vaping setup will increase the smoothness dramatically. Some people even like to add ice to their water pipes, which can make the vapor noticeably cooler.