“Moving On” by Mikey Wayne

Showcasing strong lyricism and heart, singer-songwriter Mikey Wayne has released a music video for his acoustic rendition of his single “Moving On (Echo Mountain Sessions)”.

The song gets its title because it was recorded at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, North Carolina. What sets this studio apart is founder Steve Wilmans built this studio out of a church while preserving as much of it as he could. This is the backdrop of the music video, so it amplifies the intimacy and rawness from both the song and the location.

The Nashville-based artist is originally from California, and his family moved to Alabama when he was younger. He marks this as the start of his music career. From there, he would front rocker bands but is now ready to really harness his signature sound and writing style. He took his influences from the golden coast and the crimson tide and brought them to Music City to pursue a solo career.

The richness and vulnerability that is able to shine throughout these Echo Mountain Sessions is breathtaking. Wayne displays the depth of his range and the guitar pairs beautifully alongside him. He takes away all the big production and amplifies this realness that can sometimes get lost in the modern country sound.

When talking about the inspiration for releasing the single, Wayne shared, “‘Moving On’ speaks to the temporary pain in the present is worth long-term happiness in the future.”

Lyrically, this song grabs with such a strong chorus with Wayne confessing, “It’s more than a feeling, / It’s a change in the season / When you’re not looking back, / And I’m ok with that / Yeah we’re moving on / We’re moving on.”

“Moving On” is the kind of songwriting that makes Nashville what it is. It is obvious Wayne found his home there and it will certainly be exciting to see where he goes next with his music.

Written by Katie Power – Rising Artists Music Blog