MOLLY ROSE HANSEN Releases Debut Single “Isolated”

Nashville pop singer-songwriter, Molly Rose Hansen releases her debut single, “Isolated” on March 22, 2024. Written shortly after Hansen’s move to Nashville, TN, this introspective song explores the influence of mental health and past relationships on connecting with a new community. Hansen’s vulnerable lyrics and captivating melodies aim to resonate with listeners who have faced similar challenges. “I think it’s comforting knowing that other people are going through the same thing as you. It’s easy to live inside your head, and sometimes you just need to hear someone put what you’re feeling into words,” says Hansen.

The creation of “Isolated” is the epitome of young music professionals DIY-ing their way through a city saturated with talent; not only is this track Hansen’s first single, but it also marks the first outside cut for producer, Nikki Forbes, as well as the first professional mixing and mastering project for sound engineer, Noah Wheeler. The small team is excited to show that you don’t need thousands of dollars and a fancy studio to make great music.

About the Artist: Molly Rose Hansen was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. After a lifetime of viewing her love of singing and songwriting as a hobby, the life-altering COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the United States in the middle of Hansen’s 3rd yrear of college, made her rethink her priorities and inspired Hansen to change the trajectory of her life and career. Shortly after graduating, Hansen made the move to Music City to pursue her passion for making music and sharing it with others.