Allegra Presents ‘Round & Round’

In 2023, singer-songwriter Allegra made her mark on the dance-pop landscape. Sky-rocketed to new heights with a remix alongside the legendary Tiesto which has gathered over 5 and a half million Spotify Streams, the rising star solidified her place as one of the hottest new pop acts to come out of the UK. With an ambitious attitude, signature towering vocals and a number of electrifying hits under her belt, Allegra is set to break out into the mainstream in 2024.

Allegra’s emerging success originated when her debut single ‘All About Us’ reached #2 on the UK’s official Music Week Commercial Pop Club Chart in 2021, swiftly followed by an array of six Top 3 singles and a top 10 position on the US Billboard Dance Chart. Proving to be a force of nature, this whirlwind of praise has catapulted Allegra into the dance-pop scene and kickstarted ever-growing commercial success.

The singer-songwriter has showcased her distinctive style through captivating collaborations and euphoric dance-floor fillers. ‘Round & Round’, the electrifying remix featuring Tiesto, boasts a magnetic fusion of shimmering production and irresistible hooks. An instant hit, unforgettable, and catchy – ‘Round & Round’ has launched Allegra’s musical journey to the next level – she can only go up from here.

Admired for her ability to glamourise club anthems, Allegra has an unmissable star quality conveyed in each hook-led chorus and killer dance move. Searching for the soundtrack to your summer? Look no further than Allegra’s captivating pop and don’t miss out on what’s next.

Listen to ‘Round & Round’: