ViennaCC Presents “Gold Is What The Girls Want”

Get ready for a music experience that transcends borders and brings a smile to your face. ViennaCC, a music and video producer from Vienna / Austria, is taking the international radio stations by storm with his unique sound, a vibrant blend of genres honed over a lifetime of musical passion. He had 10 TopTen hits in EuroIndieMusic- and WorldIndieMusic charts.

But ViennaCC is more than just music. With his signature flamboyantly stylish appearance and infectiously quirky voice, an expressive vocal style, he injects a dose of pure fun into everything he touches. This infectious energy and positive midset translates perfectly into his music, ensuring that ViennaCC brings a touch of joy to every listener’s day. His songs are radio friendly.

What do girls really want? Gold! With an electric jam and bold instrumental grouping, “Gold Is What the Girls Want” tells, with a twinkle of an eye, the message that luxurious, material goods would beat the simple gifts one could give his love. ViennaCC’s voice fits with the drum beats and traveling melody, with an entertaining urgency in his words that just wants to tell everyone what girls really want: Gold! Forget the fancy dinners, and forget the bouquet of roses; if it’s not gold, the girls will not want it. With this pop-dance song ViennaCC creates the perfect anthem for a couple that is looking to spice up their life with shimmer and shine.

This video captures every piece of this glistening element for a song about gold. Surrounded by women who are covered head to toe in gold, ViennaCC immerses himself in the world that everyone dreams of. From necklaces to statues, to palaces dripping in polished colors with much gold, this music video puts the viewer in the mindset to jump into their desires and, quite literally, go for the gold.

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