New York Singer-Songwriter Rachael Sage returns with magical new music video for “Deepest Dark”

We’re thrilled to be joined by New York artist Rachael Sage, whose album ‘The Other Side’ has been making waves since its release in July 2023. With a series of exciting experiences over the past year, including touring with Nell Bryden and captivating performances at renowned venues, she’s here to share her journey with us.

You released your album The Other Side in July 2023 – What were your highlights from this past year?

I always love coming over to the UK to tour and was so fortunate to be able to tour with the brilliant Nell Bryden at some fantastic venues all over England – including the Liverpool Philharmonic! It’s hard not to be intimidated when you know The Beatles have performed in the same venue, but she was so lowkey and encouraging, it was a pure pleasure. I also appeared at Black Deer Festival and performed alongside some of my very favorite artists such as Kyshona, Bonnie Raitt and The Pretenders. It was very exciting, and I really always try to relish these moments!

Your music video for “Deepest Dark” was filmed in the historic Asylum Chapel in London alongside your longtime violinist Kelly Haloran. Why did you choose this location?

We chose this location because I think the song is a spiritual meditation on friendship, loyalty and in a sense, how those unconditional ties can help pull us through times of crisis. The chapel was historically a place where disenfranchised people came to receive support and care in the community, and we could feel those ghosts around us amidst the gorgeous stained glass and architecture.

What else inspired the concept for the music video?

The brilliant director, Lee Malone, did a wonderful job of capturing the inherent beauty of the space while also letting the dynamics of my performance with Kelly Halloran (violin) help tell the story of the lyrics. I always say if you find a brilliant location, and get out of the way – but just capturing it and letting the walls speak – you’re halfway there. In this case, I felt it was important to find a space that allowed both Kelly and me to connect but also move and perform in an elevated environment that conveyed an otherworldly, faith-driven quality. What better than a beautiful, big old chapel to summon our deepest emotions and essentially, create a time capsule of our own chemistry and connection as a musical duo?

What message do you want to put across to viewers with “Deepest Dark”?

I want to put the message across that just because you may be single, or not in a traditional relationship of some sort, doesn’t mean you are “lacking” in any way; the older I get the more I value longstanding friendships, unconditionally loving and loyal family and colleagues, and certainly over the last few years I think all of us can acknowledge that to be cherished, appreciated and supported in any way – no matter by whom – is a precious thing. We each have that ability to be that for someone else, every day we wake up and make the choice to connect to others in our orbit. When you look at it with sort of an aerial perspective, it’s really quite magic and extraordinary that friends can go weeks or even months without speaking and then you pick up the phone or Facetime and it’s like no time has passed; same with family. It is never too late or too soon to reconnect with loved ones, and I think a little courage generally yields great joy when we do!

What artists currently inspire you?

Glen Hansard, Hozier, Elles Bailey, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright, Brandi Carlile, Imelda May, Judy Collins, Howard Jones, Elvis Costello, Hozier, Dawes, Lucius, and of course our own MPress Records artists Grace Pettis and James Mastro!

Can we expect new music in 2024?

Yes!! My acoustic album “Another Side” – a collection of reimagined versions of songs from 2023’s “The Other Side” – comes out May 17th worldwide on MPress/Virgin/Universal. Woohoo! See you out on the road :) xo