JEMS Releases Catchy New Hit “Bury It”

Alright, folks, gather around because we’ve got some musical magic brewing with JEMS’ latest track, “Bury It.” If you’ve been riding the wave of their previous hit, “The Weather,” then you’re in for another soul-stirring journey with this one.

Picture this: you’re on a road trip, wind in your hair, and this tune comes on. It’s like a shot of truth straight to the heart. “Bury It” isn’t just a song; it’s a revelation wrapped in melodic goodness. The trio dives deep into the waters of authenticity, urging us all to stop hiding behind masks and embrace our true selves. And let me tell you, they do it with style.

With Jessica Rotter’s warm tones, Emily Colombier’s soulful vibes, and Sarah Margaret Huff’s bright timbre, JEMS crafts a sound that’s as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot day. These three aren’t just singers; they’re musical architects, building bridges straight to our hearts.

And let’s talk about those lyrics. Lines like “If you bury it, bury it deep enough, Will you carry it in the dark?” hit you right where it counts. They’re not just singing; they’re speaking truths we’ve all felt but maybe haven’t had the courage to voice.

But it’s not all heavy stuff. JEMS knows how to sprinkle in some musical magic too. The dynamic key change? Pure brilliance. It adds that extra oomph to an already captivating track, leaving you hitting repeat before you even realize it.

Now, if you’re wondering where these musical wizards came from, let me enlighten you. It all started with a solar eclipse pilgrimage and a chance encounter back in 2017. Since then, JEMS has been making waves in the music scene, captivating audiences with their harmonies and infectious energy.

And guess what? They’ve got a sophomore album, “Back Around,” dropping in June 2024. Trust me; you’ll want to mark your calendars for that one. With enchanting harmonies, adventurous instrumentals, and storytelling that’ll sweep you off your feet, JEMS is gearing up to take us all on one heck of a musical journey.

So, if you’re ready to bury the past and dance into the future, do yourself a favor and give “Bury It” a listen. Your soul will thank you later.