West Australian techno artist/producer Mirosonic, AKA Myroslav Gutej, has announced his return to the electronic dance music world with the release of the compelling Catwalk Parade and dancefloor single, Catwalk Trance !!!.

A classically trained pianist and gifted accordionist, Mirosonic has for many years composed and performed across a wide diversity of genres, from classical to jazz, rock to traditional Ukrainian, European and Gypsy music then back again and beyond.


It’s techno, however, that lights a fire that has brought Mirosonic back to the music scene after a decade away due to health issues. The motivation has returned, and the ideas are free flowing and so it was that Mirosonic decided to return to a track called Catwalk !!! that he first began composing in 2009, “for people to have fun at catwalks and dancing at clubs.”

This time however, following a recommendation by Pro Copy’s Mark Whitehouse, Mirosonic approached acclaimed West Australian vocalist Tania Martin and her daughter Freya to collaborate with vocals and lyrics. The song has now evolved into its new and fully realised 2024 incarnation entitled Catwalk Trance !!!.

The track itself is an exercise in drama and tension, building beat by beat and evoking the steps on any catwalk – or indeed dancefloor – around the world. Tania and Freya’s vocals and lyrics bringing what was already an epic piece of music to new heights.

Catwalk Trance is accompanied by a music video produced by Whitehouse and Phil Strachan, which evokes both fashion and futurism. International distribution is being handled by radio promotion and production company Musik and Film Records. Two club mixes of Catwalk Trance will also be released with Mirosonic heading into 2024 with a series of new singles.

For an artist inspired by all things futuresque, the future looks bright indeed.