German-based tour-de-force rapper Jeanna-Sis is bursting onto the scene with her magnet debut album Eyes Wide Open, scheduled for release April 19th, 2024. Preceding the full album release are a series of singles beginning February 2nd with Frenemy and its accompanying music video.

Jeanna-Sis’s music touches on a wide range of topics such as suicide awareness, mental health, and international cultures, and the single Frenemy is no exception. The emotional single is dedicated to Jeanna’s first boyfriend and serves as a retrospective on their tumultuous time together. Mournful pop hooks give way to Jeanna’s powerful rap verses as the video sees her reflect on the breakdown of the relationship.

Eyes Wide Open’s next single Still Searching For Stan is perhaps its most personal. Releasing February 23rd, the song is dedicated to the memory of Jeanna-Sis’s friend who tragically took his own life. Its animated lyric video gives visuals to the powerful rap that sees Jeanna speak to her lost friend.

The album’s third single Jeanna on Emma releases with its video March 8th. The track smashes together the worlds of rap and party/dance music for a sound as eccentric as the story it describes. Jeanna on Emma captures the mood of a night out getting out of hand as Jeanna’s alter ego CRAZY-MISS, being all high, loses it seeing her ex-dancing with someone else.

Eyes Wide Open’s final single Not Enough, releasing with its lyric video March 29th, is a good old-fashioned break up song sure to resonate with anyone looking back on their past relationships. The song was written by Jeanna-Sis after the end of a volatile on-again-off-again partnership with a toxic ex.

Jeanna-Sis’s Eyes Wide Open is a self-recorded and produced project, and is only the latest in the artist’s eccentric life. To date, Jeanna has travelled the world, lived entirely self-sustained in the Daintree rainforest for 7 years, and even got trapped for two and a half years in Fiji.

Eyes Wide Open will be available across all platforms April 19th, 2024.

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