Sarah McKenzie Presents ‘Without You’

Sarah McKenzie embarks upon a beautiful, lilting, and lovely take on Bossa Nova with the soothing “Without You.” Her vocals possess the perfect degree of yearning, with their slow shuffle throughout the journey feeling quite inspired. Nods from Bossa Nova greats emerge out of the whole journey. With a delivery reminiscent of Astrid Gilberto, the songs have a stately grace, making every feature prominent. The production adds to the shimmering, shiny methods that radiate from the melodies, allowing them the right emotional impact.

Graceful strings adorn and support the opener, “The Gentle Rain.” A beautiful rendition, slowing the gait even further, “Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars)” echoes into the distance. “Mean What You Say” speeds things up with spry guitar work that would make Antonio Carlos Jobim proud. The passion of “Once I Loved” is gentler, complete with this yearning quality. “Without You” has this genteel presence, with the song unspooling into the seemingly infinite. The optimism of “Wave” feels gracious, as the evolution of the groove occurs naturally, with a pastoral bliss befalling the entire trip. Buildup becomes essential for the mellowed “Dindi.” By far, a tried-and-true classic, “The Girl From Ipanema,” spins around deliriously happily. Keyboard chords waft up into the infinite on the serenity of “Modinha” which closes things in a careful, considered fashion.

“Without You” presents Sarah McKenzie’s deft skill in crafting an atmosphere that becomes genuinely all-consuming, wrapping around the listener like a warm blanket.