‘Knights of the Round Table’ New Abum by Madre Vaca

Madre Vaca delves into a mysterious mix of the beguiling mythos “Knights of the Round Table.” Stylistically, the songs range from 70s progressive rock experimentation to jazz to classical elements, tying the entire experience together. The album keeps things spry. Rhythms have a light, airy presence even as much instrumentation is thrown into the fray. Despite all the intricate twists and turns, alongside some genuinely out-of-left-field detours, the album works best as a coherent whole. Everything has a sculpted presence, with character studies serving as the underpinning theme of the experience.


“The Lady of the Lake” begins the experience with a stately grace, with fantastic fanfare. Gorgeous vocals adorn the optimism of “Galahad.” By far, the highlight of “The Knights of the Round Table” is letting the rhythms gradually unspool in this grandeur. Jazz guitar work recalls the crystal cool of Wes Montgomery in letting everything grow and expand into the infinite as they make good use of the extra runtime. Piano work feels radiant throughout “The Holy Grail.” Layer upon layer paints the whole of the colorful “Merlin,” possessing a psychedelic magic. Bass has an understated elegance with the stylish bloom of “Guinevere” as the song builds itself into a force of nature. Effortlessly tying everything together is the frantic energy of “Lancelot” in closing things out.

“Knights of the Round Table” delves into the innermost motivations of its vast array of characters, proving Madre Vaca to be an exceptional storyteller.