Joe Wittman Presents “Trio Works Sol”

Joe Wittman shows off a fluid take on cool jazz with the playful glee of “Trio Works Sol.” The songs feel lyrical, with the guitar taking the lead. The drums and bass help anchor some of the riffs’ more unexpected, wilder impulses. Quite a joyous experience, Joe conjures up imagery of Wes Montgomery’s laid-back vibe. A lively presence adorns the whole album. Every song builds upon the last, resulting in this shifting kaleidoscopic array of patterns. Perhaps the best is how they embrace their inner groove with a satisfyingly stylish approach. Best of all, they transcend trends for a timeless approach.

Opening things up strong is the glide of “The Judge,” where a sly bassline underpins the journey. Percussion gains a lively approach on the nimble “Big Sip Riser.” The tactile energy thrown into the fray feels lovely and life-affirming. “Sweet Lorraine” has a lazy Sunday ethos, with the tempos drawn back to molasses. Grooves have a grandeur on the stately “Isiah Restored.” Quiet power radiates from the confidence of “Felon Wind,” with the song feeling pitch-perfect in its delivery. Expressive guitar work rolls through with the rhythm, gaining muscle as “Three Trick Pony” keeps the listener on their toes. “Born to Be Blue” slows the pace to a leisurely gait. A sense of fun closes the album on the celebratory “Boogie for Bloomfield.”

“Trio Works Sol” keeps the listener on their toes as Joe Wittman incorporates several gestures into a singular, loose, improvised approach.