Golden Girl Teams With Iconic UK Songwriter Dominic Bugatti

Golden girl Ann Winsborn’s Swedish language releases in 2021 captured the attention of iconic UK songwriter Dominic Bugatti, leading to their successful debut collaboration, “Way To Go,” which garnered acclaim on YouTube hit lists. Their latest single, “Same Old Missing You,” crafted and produced by Dominic, brings to light the challenges associated with moving on from a fractured love affair. Coolly delivered by Ann with an appealing hint of a Swedish accent, the song is rich with evocative, real-life imagery. Lines like “Before I know it yeah, I’ve made an extra coffee. It’s a shame to pour it down the sink. Come on, come on, is she really so special? This feeling just won’t let go. It’s the same old, same old missing you” resonate with memorable and relatable emotions, making the track a poignant exploration of the aftermath of lost love. 3 minutes of pure class – catchy, irresistible, and fun.

Dominic recently released his first solo single Magic Carpet, which is gaining in streams and has received praise from influencers such as US rapper Wiz Khalifa and UK DJ Amber D.