Nashville’s Suanna Lynn Channels Pop Vibes in “A Little Fire”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Suanna Lynn ignites the airwaves with her highly anticipated single, “A Little Fire.” The song, born from the unprecedented challenges of 2020, reflects Lynn’s desire to infuse life with the fire and passion that was sorely missed during the pandemic-induced shutdown. Penned in collaboration with songwriter Jason Witt, “A Little Fire” captures the essence of two artists yearning for creative release during the lockdown. Lynn shares her personal struggle, stating, “When I write, I get inspired by being in community; going to writers rounds and hearing other artists, or being out and about with friends, but I didn’t get inspired because I was stuck at the house, and everything was closed.” The song becomes a universal plea for a resurgence of emotion and connection in a time when the world felt shut down.

Set in the context of a romance, “A Little Fire” explores the common thread of love, making it relatable to audiences worldwide. Lynn explains, “The drive of the song was the desire for emotions to get turned back on,” capturing the collective sentiment of a global audience yearning for a spark of life.

“You left me stranded out here in the dark
Praying for another spark of a little fire, a little fire
Like a thin cigarette in the night, paper waiting to ignite, smoke rising higher
a little higher
All I wanted was a little fire”

Suanna Lynn’s musical evolution from her country roots to embracing the freedom of pop is evident in “A Little Fire.” Embracing a natural sense of self-expression through the narratives of country music, Lynn also finds solace in the expressive freedom that pop music has to offer. “Pop allows you to express what you’re feeling with less boundaries; it has more of an abstract quality that I can relate to,” she says, illustrating her shift from storytelling to unabashed emotional expression. Her ability to thrive within a genreless sound offers her the opportunity to connect with fans from all over the world; both in the country and pop audiences.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Suanna Lynn draws inspiration from a diverse musical background, including the mountain music her father played and singing along to country icons like the Judds, Dolly Parton, and Shania Twain and the cross-genre writing of Freddy Wexler to international sensations such as Dermot Kennedy and Ed Sheeran. Her faith and family values blend seamlessly with the urban experiences she gained while ministering in downtown Chicago, resulting in a unique fusion reflected in her music. Since her move to Nashville in 2016, she has made waves in the country and pop scenes, collaborating with touring artists and hosting songwriter rounds on iconic stages, including the Grand Ole Opry. Her debut release in Nashville, “Loved You Sober,” was also featured in the NSAI Top 40.

Suanna shares, “I believe that with any ability comes great responsibility… If my music makes someone feel like they’re not alone, I’ve done my job as a songwriter.”