Secret Wish Presents Video “Voodoo Nights”

It is no secret that Secret Wish knows how to captivate audiences of club-goers with pulsating beats and compelling rhythms. Hailing from Belgium, Secret Wish is an electronic duo made up of Kurt Vervaet and Heidi Pintens. Kurt is a lifelong musician, having chosen to attend a music school as a young boy. At the age of 17, he found his spot in the nightlife scene by becoming a DJ. He began to write his music in 2000, and seven years later, he founded Secret Wish. Heidi, a fellow musician and vocalist, played in several cover bands before joining Secret Wish and bringing Kurt’s songwriting to life.

Today, they are instantly recognized by their high-energy beats and mesmerizing vocals featuring their signature fusion with pop. They cite other contemporary electronic artists such as Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and Dave Guetta amongst their biggest influences, but also owe much of their passion to local Belgian guitar legend, Erik Van Biesen of the band Gorki. Secret Wish has always aimed to expand its audience across borders and express its music to an international audience. Their songs have earned airtime in several countries across Europe and Asia, landing on charts such as DDK and Cool Cuts, and have been nominated for MMA and HDT awards in the genres of house, dance, and trance.

“Voodoo Nights” is easily Secret Wish’s most energetic song to date. The track is co-written by Kurt Vervaet and Eddy Vandenameele and features hypnotic vocals by Heidi Pintens. Inspired by Kurt’s time as a DJ, the song is meant to encapsulate the majestical and alluring atmosphere of nightlife. Between each beat drop, Heidi paints the picture of the club as a mystical place where magic is real, allowing yourself to surrender and let the music take control of the night. In all the excitement, the song masterfully blends a mix of genres, including EDM and pop. Since its release, Secret Wish has collaborated with several DJs to put together a compilation of remixes of the track.

The video accompanying “Voodoo Nights” absolutely captures the raw emotion put into the mix. Crafted by one of the many talented editors at Team Ayakashi, the video presents an edited cut of a Japanese anime to mirror the passion of the song. We follow the characters as they navigate themselves through a love triangle, later resulting in them becoming more intimate with one another. The emotions the characters project onto us personify the ultimate message of “Voodoo Nights”, allowing the beats to take the wheel and guide viewers to their passions.

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