Nancy Carey Johnson Presents “Note From God” and “Birthday Cake For Breakfast” from ‘Choas & Grace’ Album

A soulful, straight-from-the-heart sound, Nancy Carey Johnson belts it out on the beautiful “Note From God.” Done with the utmost dignity and grace, the song stuns with its faith-driven message. She chooses the lyrics with the greatest of care, ensuring that every word matters. To top it all off further, the arrangement feels perfectly in sync with the rest of the storytelling, allowing a meditative stance to emerge. Rhythms keep things loose, drawing from country rock and a hint of folk thrown in for good measure. By blending these different styles and approaches, Nancy creates a memorable moment that lingers with the listener.

‘Note From God’

From the first moment, a western twang radiates out of the guitar. Everything within the arrangement has a grandeur, with the skill of feeling live-affirming. The riff has an intelligence behind it, neatly covering an incredible amount of distance. Upon her vocals entering the fray, the song gets started earnestly. She holds nothing back, letting the song have this highly personal, intimate quality behind it. With the evolution of the groove, the rest of the message gets elaborated upon. There’s a bit of defiance to be found, too, as she makes sure to go her own way. Embracing the self, she shows off how someone can find themselves. By the time the song ends, it feels like she’s reached some form of self-actualization.

“Note From God” shows Nancy Carey Johnson’s daring skill in delivering an entirely immersive and awe-inspiring atmosphere.

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“Birthday Cake For Breakfast”

A sense of loss defines the tragic hues of Nancy Carey Johnson’s “Birthday Cake for Breakfast.” Describing with painful detail what depression leads us to do, the song depicts the after-effects of a special someone leaving our lives. There’s an inherent sadness to the sound, from the lyrics to the mournful guitar work. It has an intimacy, almost painful in its persuasion, that adds to the sense of beauty. Throughout the song, it feels akin to having a close friend confide in you, increasing the message in intensity. You cannot look away; you are there with them as a form of reassurance.

The guitar twang in the beginning sets the tone for what follows. She describes feeling blue –complete loneliness, even when surrounded by friends and family. Within the lyrics, the verses get woven together. Plenty of the color has a sorrowful approach. Melodies have this downtrodden aspect, with the piece seemingly sinking deep into depression. Percussion comes through in this laid-back fashion as the song unspools contemplatively. Her conversations with the rest of those around her show there is a community for support, yet she is not there in many ways. The word choice has a fervor as the song continues down this path. The piece has a pastoral quality to the music as if she’s trying to find peace.

“Birthday Cake for Breakfast” features the inherent sadness that follows a breakup, with Nancy Carey Johnson delving deep into her internal monologue.

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