New Album ‘QUENARA’ by Robert Prester & Adriana Samargia™

Robert Prester & Adriana Samargia™ present this wild, anything-is-possible sound on the virtuosic “QUENARA.” Only two elements exist within the soundscape – a voice and a piano. Yet, with these two aspects, they craft something that feels all-consuming. It is easy to get lost in the complicated arrangements they offer to their audience. Right from the beginning of the journey, it is evident that this duo labors over everything because they create their world and invite the listener in. Their previous experience in other bands and the academic way they operate with their instruments reveal an outstanding level of depth in the atmosphere.

“Things Can Only Get Better” possesses great power, with the piano chords reverberating in the vast space. With a Vince Guaraldi quality, Robert plays delicately on the fragile “You Go to My Head” as Adriana’s voice simultaneously explores the soft and loud. Playfulness defines the soothing “Stolen Moments.” On “Lover Man,” a bluesy kick comes through on Robert’s piano alongside the rhythm of Adriana’s delivery. “But Not for Me” speeds the sound up, settling into a relaxing groove. Dreamy elements flutter about on the love-struck “You’re Everything.” “Quenara,” the title track, brings the album to a satisfying, contemplative close that has a distinctive vibrancy.

Done with a rare degree of sophistication and taste, Robert Prester & Adriana Samargia™ sculpt a soulful interpretation of the world around them as “QUENARA” displays a different way of seeing things.