Bowmanville Present New Album ‘Bowmanville’

Bowmanville proves that Chicago’s classic jazz scene continues to evolve on its self-titled debut. Coming in hot, the whole album has an addictive quality. Instrumentation has a playfulness, keeping the energy up throughout the entire experience. Grooves go for sheer physicality, for they make sure to let the rhythms have a driving pulsating drunkenness. The reference points of the blues add to the dramatic tenor of the pieces. A spontaneity adorns the songs, infusing each work with a sense of life. Volume is a given, as these tracks deserve to be blasted almost to the point of delirium, like a total surrender to the sound.

Things start energetically with the lively “Annie & Me,” incorporating strings and harmonica. Giving themselves a lot more room to roam is the spaciousness of “Georgia,” where they tap into the deep history of the blues charmingly. “Don’t Force It” embraces a laid-back groove, allowing a bit more breathing room into the proceedings. The highlight is the updated ethos of the gorgeous “Boiano Campobasso.” Spry percussion and creative guitar work underpin the whole thing, radiating a distinctive vibrancy. “Saint James Infirmary” strips the sound down to the essentials, letting intimacy take hold and giving the vocals that extra bite. Almost psychedelic is the absolute trip of “Caravan.” Closing the album out, “Weapons of Mass Distraction” ties together everything that came before it.

With a nod to the 1930s hot club jazz style, Bowmanville delivers something truly grand on their self-titled effort.