“With You”: Poignant New Release from Grammy Nominated Recording Artist Chris St. John – Available Fri. Jan 19th

“With You”: Poignant New Release from Grammy Nominated Recording Artist Chris St. John – Available Fri. Jan 19th

Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Chris St John is set to release his new EP, “With You”, available Fri. Jan 19th on all the major music platforms.

The title track “With You”, is the tale of a young couple just starting out, maturing through the years, making unforgettable memories, and forming an unbreakable bond. We listen to the story of a family, struggling, and succeeding, all the while keeping an endlessly strong faith, counting their blessings and building an everlasting love, together. On this truly timeless tune, listeners are harkened back to a time when things were just simpler in life and priorities were in place. It’s a celebratory song about growing up and growing old together with the love of your life, proudly, unabashedly, and unashamed. Life can be simple again when you prioritize what’s important – love, hard work, and perseverance. “It’s the true story of my life with my wife and family”, said St John.

Other selections include “Don’t Ask Me”, “Over Me”, “When Leaves Begin to Fall”, “She’s Gone” and an additional acoustic version of “With You”.

Produced and mixed by Michael Spriggs, the EP was engineered by Dave Hagan and cut at Darkhorse Studios in Franklin TN for HALO Records, with some of Music City’s most renowned session musicians James Mitchell, Alison Prestwood, Molly Cherryholmes, Dane Bryant, Steve Hinson, Wayne Killius and Steve Brewster.

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World renowned seasoned Musician Chris St. John has had 5 number one hits on the World and European Indie charts, and several other top ten hits over the past several years. Chris was recently nominated and accepted for Grammy consideration for his album “Fly Away”, for best Americana album, and “Lost Without Your Love”, for best pop song; both earlier in 2023.

Chris incorporates multiple genres, including singer/songwriter, traditional rock, soft-rock, pop, folk, jazz, classical, and swing elements to give the listener a distinctive Americana feel.

He has traveled extensively, living in China during college and navigating five continents for recreation and mission work, providing healthcare, school supplies, clothing, and food for impoverished people, particularly orphans through his HALO Missions. This varied life experience has given him a deep well out from which to draw intelligent, and thought-provoking lyrics. He combines catchy, beautiful, and unique melodies, interesting time signatures, and unique tempo changes to provide a wide landscape for his poetry.

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