Zen Mountain Poets with ‘Stellar Ignition’

Zen Mountain Poets will blow you away with their latest release titled ‘Stellar Ignition’. Originally started as a jam band, Zen Mountain Poets stays true by creating original material that also pays homage to the singer/songwriters of yesteryear. Zen Mountain Poets refers to their music as “psychedelic neo-prog folk jazz” and known for unique musical stylings, vocal harmonies, and taking audiences on unforgettable, auditory journeys. The current lineup includes Billy Clayton (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Robyn Saxer (Vocals, Keyboard, Ukulele, French Horn), Anthony Roselli (Vocals, Kit Drums, Harmonica, Guitar), and Syd Carr (Bass). There were also many other musicians who contributed to ‘Stellar Ignition’ and the record was engineered by Kip Stork, Brian Aunger and Billy Clayton at Avalon Digital Recording Studios. This is the band’s third release and first full-length album and all I can say is we are off to the races with ‘Stellar Ignition’!

As soon as I hit play, I am hit with organic goodness that is rootsy in nature and enriching on “Grow”. This song will certainly “Grow” on you in more ways than one and as the lyrics state you can “Grow into it”. We are moving along smoothly next on “Times Waves” where there are no cracks in the foundation and the ripple effect is constant clarity. Track three, “My Love (My Story In Sight)”, offers up pleasing vocals and one enticing melody. “My Love (My Story In Sight)” is simply a loving embrace through the power of music and this song will warm you inside & out. Get ready to enter feel-good mode on “Game of Mystery” where the listener will take a mysterious ride that is full of magic & wonder. Next, journey through space & time and leave your worries at the door on “Mysterious”. It’s time to “Cuddle Up” next to loved ones while enjoying the chipper beat and maybe a nice cup of hot chocolate. I wholeheartedly agree with the line “I’m happy to be here” on “Cuddle Up”. Brace yourselves for wonderful harmonies and a stellar arrangement on “Emily’s Song”. Zen Mountain Poets end on a high note with “Questions for Gaia” where pure, musical delight will ignite your senses and excite your eardrums.

Zen Mountain Poets has played over 100 shows in seven states and I feel ‘Stellar Ignition’ will generate even more of a buzz and more fans to come. This record deserves major traction/airplay because ‘Stellar Ignition’ has something for everyone and it just feels right. A fun fact about the band is that the members are known to tour around in a 1954 Greyhound bus called The Dragon and amazingly this bus has travelled over one million miles! Plenty more roads to travel to for Zen Mountain Poets but for now bask in the sunshine that is ‘Stellar Ignition’.


By Jimmy Rae