‘The Healers (Featuring Peter Hutchison)’

‘The Healers’ may be a debut release, but Peter Hutchison has been involved with music making for over 3 decades. This new project merges a variety of elements from rock and country to Celtic, folk and bluegrass. This combination of styles makes for an amazing listening experience as your ears will thank you. ‘The Healers’ is actually inspired by the likes of The Waterboys’ Fisherman’s Blues, Wilco’s Mermaid Avenue Sessions, and Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey’. The new album is fronted by Peter Hutchison on vocals & guitar and the band also features super talented Brooklyn musicians and they are: Rod Hohl on guitar & vocals, Konrad Meissner on drums & vocals, Dennis Lichtman on fiddle, mandolin, tenor guitar, clarinet, Bobby Hawk on fiddle and Rob Jost on bass, vocals, French horn. ‘The Healers’ was produced and arranged by Rod Hohl at Grand Street Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Right off the bat ‘The Healers’ will have you “Count To Three” and say to yourself Good God man that’s good stuff! The cool, laid-back style instantly draws you in on “County To Three” as the music and the vocals stick to you like glue. Healers are solving “The Problem” next by performing a well-executed song that has heart, soul and meaning. It’s time to “Look Into These Eyes” and take a deep, thorough listen and get lost in the music. Track four, “Oh Yeah, Oh Well, All Right”, has got you covered with the perfect vibe and catchy feel that can’t be beat. “Someday We’ll Get It Right” offers pleasing notes along with a comforting and hopeful message. I love this next song about “Levon and The Band” because the style is impeccable and the sound will hook you right in. Get ready to turn on the “Light In This House” and once you do one will hear a deep-rooted tone that illuminates the airways. On track eight, “You Get Me High”, you will “never wanna come down” because this is one fun ride that is melodically on point. It’s about time to “Set Things Right” and that means a song that connects with listeners on a higher level and one that flows like water and wine. Next, the easy-going “Porch Song” is soul-quenching and feels right at home. Prepare for “The Come Down” that provides a calming sensation that puts you at ease from your head down to your toes. Healers put a cool, Americana spin on the Kiss classic “Detroit Rock City” and overall it’s just a hell of a good time that will make you smile. The record ends on a slow yet steady pace with “Don’t Water Down My Whiskey” where this intoxicated number proves to be a buzz-worthy cut.

In the end, I am an instant fan of ‘The Healers (ft. Peter Hutchison)’ because the style is one that sits well with me. I am majorly impressed with the efforts put forth toward the making of this album as I can sense the pure dedication and passion. The satisfying sound on ‘The Healers’ is one I can back and get behind and I’m sure many other people will agree and follow suit.


By Jimmy Rae