Lokixximo Releases New Video ‘Imaginate’

Lokixximo is the stage name of beloved independent artist Argenis Gomez, a well-known rapper, record producer, and song composer. This multi-talented Dominican artist has made a huge name for himself in the Latin, urban, and world-music genres with some of his greatest hits including “Noche Europea”, “Yo No Cojo Esa”, “Que Vas Hacer”, (Latin Billboard Charts) and the smash hit “Ella Ta Bien” which crossed the artist over into the Latin, DJ, and Dance Club charts worldwide.

Lokixximo’s unstoppable work ethic secured him the #1 position in the MTV TR3’S Dame un Break national competition, where his music video for “Noche Europea” hit the Top 10 Latin videos.

During the MTV TR3’s Dameunbreak.com competition, a new version of “Noche Europea” was remixed with four-time American Grammy winner and eight-time Latin Grammy Awards producer and mixer Sebastian Krys. As the music video debuted on MTV Tr3’s top 20 countdown, Lokixximo continued to solidify his position within the realm of Latin Music and was featured in major newspapers such as El Diario Libre, El Nuevo Herald and El Especialito. Lokixximo also received an award at the Premios Fox Music USA Award ceremony in Houston, Texas for ‘Best Latin Urban Soloist artist’, an indication that he is truly one of hardest working artists on the scene and enabling him to achieve notoriety as a ‘underground Latin urban legend’ worldwide.


The music video was filmed at Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto at St. Lucy’s Church in the Bronx, NY. “This location is very special to me because my first music video was filmed at this church. Also, at that time my daughter and my godson were not even born yet, and now years later, to have my whole family to be part of the video, it is a stamp in time both in my career and in their lives. I feel like I’m at a stage in my life where I want and need to speak to the current state of the world and the pain that people suffer on a day-to-day basis. This song and video are very special to me.” -Lokixximo


“The song “Imaginate” took my entire life to be able to write. I wanted to describe all the pain that I have been through… when I felt alone and needed help and all I had was God on my side and He comforted me. At many times, I was betrayed by friends and family, and this was a tough subject for me to address. I believe this song highlights my evolution as an artist, and in the distant future when I am no longer here, I would like to be remembered by this song. I have put my ego aside and chose to be vulnerable to the world so that others can see we are not all perfect. Everyone struggles in this life and is okay to choose God.” -Lokixximo