Introducing Space Cheetah

What happens when you take a dash of Chili Peppers & mix in a bit of Elliott Smith, then throw in equal parts country twang & hip hop???

You get Space Cheetah

The indie band mixing up ALL the genres in just 1 pot…

“The truth is no one knows why anyone would subject themselves to being an artist in this day and age, there’s no logical reason anyone in their right mind would go through any of this” says lead singer, Tanner Horn.

It was with this in mind that Space Cheetah was founded.

As a result of the pandemic no less.

A band formed in the city rising from the ashes, settled on the city of angels. And the original sound is no accident.

Standout tracks from the album include

“Is There a Place”

“Come on Over”

“Blood on the Mississippi”


“When You Catch Yourself”

Listen to their full length album ‘All My X’s’ & find out more at

Audio Link -“Is There a Place”

Video Link – “Blood on the Mississippi”