@skopemag: Exclusive Q&A With Allegra

Skope briefly catches up with London-based rising pop star Allegra, reflecting on her year and what she hopes to focus on in the New Year. Manifesting potential live shows, Allegra is ready to return with new dance-pop soundscapes; stay tuned!

First off, could you summarise 2023, how has this year been for you?

The beginning of 2023 was simply wild. Im still pinching myself over my collaboration with Tiesto and its honestly the gift that keeps giving with streaming numbers on the rise. My Summer was more about switching off and living in the moment. If you dont live then you dont have the life experiences to pour into your music. So after a livingsummer Ive spent the last few months in the studio creating some really cool tracks, so I cant wait to share with you all.

Have you got any plans for what you are going to do to see in the new year?

I have my next few singles ready to go! I feel like they are super relatable with a new kinda sound for me. And the New Year will see lots of preparation for the music videos. Something I absolutely love! Its literally my happy place. So super exited for whats to come.

2023 saw you collaborate with the incredible Tiësto, are there any new collaborations in the works for 2024? Can you share any details with us?

I dont have anything in the pipeline at the moment re collaborations. Ive just been really focusing on my own lyrics and sound. But so many people I would love to collaborate with so lets see what 2024 brings

Who would be a dream collaborator?

Dream collaborator would have to be Rita Ora, love! I think we would have lots of fun working together. I often get told that we have the same vibe.

How do you envision your sound evolving in the upcoming year? Are there any new styles or genres you’re looking to explore?

Well as touched on, I have pushed my music in a new direction. Still very much in the dance / pop arena but yeah been working with some really cool producers so cant wait for the next few singles to come and were in talks for my first EP so just cant wait and see everyones reactions.

In a different universe, if you weren’t making the music you are today, what type of artist could you see yourself being?

Haha Im obsessed with ABBA!! Yes, major fun fact! So I would have to do euro pop! And who knows in my parallel universe even win Eurovision haha!

When will we get to see the amazing Allegra Live?!

. That would be a dream and something I hope for 2024watch this space X

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