Rev Peter Unger Addresses Substance Abuse on new single ‘Lost and Found’

Rev Peter Unger delves into the hard life that the world can present on the tried-and-true look for salvation of “Lost and Found.” He essentially captures the zeitgeist with his lyricism. Words are chosen deliberately as he explores the dangers of addiction, their ability to cause housing instability, and a general sense of hopelessness. Given the rising addiction rates across the world, it is crucial to face this fact headfirst. A bit of hope can enter the overall scenario by showing the importance of faith in kicking addition. Many different religious organizations are often the only form of salvation, as government programs targeted at these problems handle only the physical side of things, not necessarily the spiritual aspect, which they would be ill-equipped to do anyway.

The song begins calmly, with the character study coming into full view. He speaks from the character’s point of view, one down on their luck and searching for hope. Relief with substances is only temporary and does not lift them but leaves them low. From this angle, it looks hopeless with the song continuing, letting some punctuation occur with the electric guitar. The evolution of the craft happens from a tiny seed until it grows, becoming a meditation on how religion can offer that optimism in the future in a way that feels quite inspirational.

“Lost and Found” shows Rev Peter Unger’s ability to craft an entire persona as a character study, which originates from the verses and results in this thoughtful stance.

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